Please find the website quote and workflow outlined below. If you need to discuss any of the points please call us on 01925 321 326.


Website visuals will be developed until the client is happy to sign them off. Once signed off we will then start the build process.


Brief: Build website based on visuals supplied. You will have access to most parts of the website so you can edit, change and add new content as and when you wish (or just to the bits you want access to). The website will be fully mobile responsive.


Why iServe

Brand (Landing Pages)
- Renz
- Acco
- Duplo
- Ideal
- Eurofold
- Powis Parker Fastback
- Rotatrim
- Trimfast

Guillotines (Landing Pages)
- Paper Guillotines
- Ream Cutters
- Paper Trimmers
- Rotary Trimmers
- Large Format Paper Cutters
- Automated Guillotines
- Paper Drills
- Round Corner Cutters
- User/Pre-Owned Cutting Equipment
- Shredding Machines

Binding Machines (Landing Pages)
- Wire Binding Machines
- Comb Binding Machines

Paper Folding Equipment (Landing Pages)
- Paper Folding Machines

Accessories (Landing Pages)
- Blades & Cut Sticks
- Guillotine Parts

- x146 Guillotines
- x50 Binding Machines
- x10 Paper Folding Machines
- x2 Guillotine Parts

Terms and Conditions

Total page count: 40 pages + 208 Products


Implement Google analytics, submit all pages to Google webmaster Tools


Implement basic SEO on all pages to tick the boxes for Google.


Emails will either be left as they are or be moved to Google apps/Office 365.


Images are to be supplied by the client and as high resolution as possible. I will edit and crop all images so they're fit for purpose. We will source all current product images.


In reference to our conversation:

Landing pages will reflect this style of page:
Samsung also have a good category page:

Why iServe - this is a website where we moved 'About Us' to the footer and in the main navigation have 'Why Us'

Product pages - all product pages with have an enquiry form on without the need to navigate anywhere else. That way the product information can be pre-filled. I think we should go much more modern with the product pages like the following:

Servicing & Training - These need to be really visual, informative and should be used as a sales tool.

Hosting & Maintenance

After the website has launched from the 1st of the following month hosting and maintenance will be charged at £24.99+VAT per month.

The website will be backed up daily over a 7 day rolling period. Maintenance includes Wordpress core updates, plugins and theme updates. The servers we use are faster than the normal servers you get via a hosting company. We also focus on optimisation throughout the year to keep Google happy.


Visuals supplied: There are about 15 templates that need visualising. From this we should then be able to build out the whole site.

Branding. The website and offline content will need a strong identity. Before any visuals are produced we'll go through a branding/research process to find a style that fits the company. Once we know we have a strong style then we can guarantee the website will be on-brand and will easily flow through to your offline content (stationery, brochures etc). You will receive a brand guidelines nicely packaged up for future use.

So the total cost for the website design & build would be £4620+VAT.
(Based on x5 days branding/website visuals, x13 days build, x3 days add all products)

Invoices are usually split with half due upfront and final payment due on completion. As this is a larger site this is open for discussion to find a solution that suits both parties.

Outlined Workflow

Below is an outlined workflow of the process we take. It's not a strict hierarchy of jobs but it should give you a good insight to how we plan and structure a website.

Initial Setup

  • Enable:
  • Initial quote sent:
  • Client agreed to outlined proposal:
  • Client paid half invoice upfront:

Website Visuals

  • Enable:
  • Website designs supplied to client:
  • Website visual edits complete:
  • Website visual signed off:

Website Build

  • Enable:
  • Start website build:
  • Client to supply all content:
  • Header, Footer and Homepage implemented:
  • All pages added:
  • All content added:
  • All images added:
  • Tested responsiveness:
  • Send link to client:
  • Add all SEO:

Sign Off

  • Enable:
  • Client to sign website off:
  • Snap to make website live:
  • Logins to be sent to client:
  • Final part of invoice to be paid:
  • On-going hosting and maintenance payment to be setup: